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Black Lives Matter. How to Get Involved for Lasting Change.

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

This past couple weeks has been very tough but also very eye-opening. I am very grateful my friends, peers, followers and family are looking for a ways to make an impact. While protesting is a wonderful way to draw attention to the black lives matter movement there are so many different ways to get involved! I just wanted to share some of my favorite black-run AND minority-centric organizations that I would love for you to support.

There are so many different aspects of society where discrepancy in representation negatively impact the black community. By supporting minorities in these different aspects in within our society with programming and dollars I truly believe we can make lasting change. Advocacy in education, healthcare, business, and legal endeavors are key. For this reason, I’d like to share organizations that make an impact in these areas. I hope that this post will help you find a cause you support that also supports black lives. Please donate support subscribe. Your time attention and financial support is what will make the difference.


The Shop Docs (shameless plug)

The Shop Docs program was founded in 2016 to provide health education, health screenings and connection to healthcare in barbershops while men wait to get their hair cut. Minority men have the worst outcomes from nearly every disease. The organization provides information on preventing disease in order to improve the health of minorities across the country.


Low-income and minority communities experience a higher number of arrests, most of which are for low-level misdemeanors. Unfortunately, legal help comes too late after potentially damaging events have unfolded. The consequences can last a lifetime. Good Call is going to change that. Good Call aims to provide access to justice for everyone by running a free hotline 24 hours a day staffed by public defenders in all five boroughs of New York City.


Curls on the Block is an enrichment program for girls of all curls and colors to embrace, explore and empower their natural selves while working to increase engagement, investment, and commitment to careers in science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM). Using themes related to hair and beauty, girls master important leadership and educational skills.

For Black Entrepreneurs:

Thynk Global invests in low-income areas and Opportunity Zones with the intention of providing affordable resources for the people. They aim to help neighborhoods on the brink of gentrification by creating a high-quality hub that promotes socio-economic inclusion. Their income-based coworking spaces provide affordable options for young entrepreneurs and low-income professionals.

Female and Black Owned:

The Unpopular Black encourages Black adventure beyond stereotypes and narratives of what minorities “don’t do”. The vision is to connect minorities to white facing and underrepresented activities, places and new perspectives of how to experience America, with other Black folks.

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